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As a member of the National Rural Letter Carrier Association (NRCLA), you are one of the select mail carriers serving more than 40 million people across rural America. Out on the open road, you brave inclement weather, adverse road conditions, and protective canines all to deliver letters and other parcels to those in rural and suburban areas. For all that you do, we believe you deserve First-Class insurance.
Sunny Neighborhood That’s why National General* created this dedicated site we call NRLCA Vehicle Insurance as well as an insurance program tailored for route vehicle drivers like you. Whether you drive once a week or daily, our aim is to equip you with specialized insurance coverage that will help protect you and those around, both on and off the route.
But that’s only the beginning. National General is the only insurer group endorsed by the NRLCA for more than 65 years. We have a long history of providing all types of insurance to carriers and their families including auto insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more. Call to find out more about what we can offer you!
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What you should know about the Federal Tort Claims Act and how it affects you as a Rural Letter Carrier!

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is a federal statute that provides a government-administered protection plan for federal employees and the government authority should any of its employees or agents incur any liability in the course of their official duties.

Yes. Federal employees are protected against liability resulting from their operation of a motor vehicle while within the scope of their official employment. However, the FTCA does have limitations. For example, this protection is on-route protection only. Any deviation from your assigned route could jeopardize your FTCA claims coverage. Also, the government protects you from liability only; damage to your vehicle is not covered. To fully protect your vehicle, separate coverage must be purchased.

Yes, and more! National General Insurance provides complete coverage on and off the route. And, if the government ever denies your on-route liability claim under the FTCA, National General will work with you to resolve any claim covered under your National General policy as quickly and as fairly as possible.

All accidents must be reported to your Postmaster or Supervisor and to your National General Insurance carrier as soon as possible. Failure to report an accident could jeopardize your coverage.

If you have a National General Insurance policy explicitly designed for Rural Letter Carriers, your dedicated claims representative will notify the other party that their claim should first be presented to the Postmaster for payment under the FTCA. If the government denies the claim because you deviated from your route, don’t worry, you’ll still have a claim under your National General Rural Letter Carriers’ policy.

Not necessarily. Many companies simply won’t insure your route vehicle, and if they do, they charge you a higher business or commercial use rate. Also, many agents don’t seem to fully understand the FTCA and the needs of government employees. That’s why the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association recommends a National General Insurance policy created with the needs of rural letter carriers in mind. Not only do National General’s representatives understand the government’s tort liability procedures. National General can also offer Rural Letter Carriers lower rates on their auto insurance for pleasure driving or route car use.

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